Wednesday, 22 October 2014


As more details are being revealed about several scandals involving young girls being used for sex it is becoming very obvious that in fact two groups bear much of the blame.
The perpetrators themselves, mostly Asian men seem to have gone to great lengths to save their own young women from their advances by using ours...
And the police who have time and time again been reported as having taken no steps to protect the very young people involved in this scandal.
Rochdale, Rotherham and other Northern towns are all now reporting groups of Pakistani men preying on young females who were unable to defend themselves.
Two distinct threads run through this....the desire not to be thought rascist seems to be the prime became so politically correct not to charge anyone of Pakistani origin with any crime that it was clearly brushed under the carpet, hidden, a shame the girls simply had to deal with alone as they grew from innocent children to being used and abused teenagers.
The second thread is becoming apparent daily....the police often did nothing to prevent this from happening. One mother being interviewed on the radio this morning reported that she had done their job for them, reporting addresses and incidents and had been called a time waster whilst the police failed to act.
The police who should have made enquiries and arrests apparently did nothing in the same way that historic sex abuse by famous celebrities was left unchallenged until now.
The girls who were used in this way will carry the shame and the hurt for the rest of their lives...and we are all to blame to some degree by being desperate not to be seen as racist...
Couple that with the daily evidence of Jihad from all around the world and the threat becomes real and very frightening...
In my years in Rochdale teaching young Muslims I fought racism where ever I found it...I really am not racist. But I am now concerned that by turning a blind eye to what was going on whole generations of children have been degraded . And what were the police doing whilst it was happening?

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  1. It seems to me that the Police inaction might be regarded as complicit with those who committed these vile crimes. South Yorkshire Police are firmly in the frame for this, as they are for their actions over the disaster that effected Liverpool fans in Sheffield, all of those years ago. It appears that 'covering your back' is how they worked (and it seems continue to work) and blaming everyone but themselves for their inaction.

    There is no excuse for this sort of thing, and if ever there was an argument for a national police force, with national standards, than this is one in support of it. Making sure that Officers, particularly those in senior positions have a variety of experience across a wider range of posts, including detecting and preventing crime seem to me to be important. Too many senior officers come from a fast track, University, one year on the beat and than into specialist roles, or administration, with little experience of wider policing or knowledge of the different types of crime happening on their door step.

    South Yorkshire Police Commander in Sheffield, told a campaigner who told him about the ongoing targeting and abuse of children by men, did nothing and denies everything, unfortunately for him, the campaigner has evidence of their meeting and what was said, but not done. In particular he told her that his priorities were burglary and drug crime. Sexual Crime and abuse seemed not even to figure in those priorities.

    Time for real change and the starting point is South Yorkshire Police.