Monday, 13 October 2014


In the face of unrelenting bad news from all around the world my own small dramas are totally inconsequential. Ebola, the threat of Sharia law, the rise of human trafficking, poverty in all its grinding hardship. In the midst of all this the current anxieties and griefs are put into perspective.

In church yesterday two people I love dearly revealed they are both fighting cancer. I wept on my own in the vestry...there are so many people to pray for now.

Here in our idyllic part of the world it is easy to forget what's happening in other places.

Every day on the internet I am asked to sign petitions or join marches or donate money...all the causes are good and I do what I can to support them but it all adds to this growing feeling of the planet being in trouble.

Many of the problems are caused by over population it seems...

Looking back from my ancient perspective on all the remarkable changes over the last 70 years we have so much to be thankful for but then looking ahead brings fears . The fears of doom and gloom are taking their toll on the human psyche.

Listening to the news in the morning is an essential part of my day. It would be all too easy not to listen but cutting myself off from the world is not something I can do....

So once again I pray. My list gets longer daily but so also do the good things. In the midst of all this sadness I look out of my window and see glory!

So I pray...for the world but also for those people I know who are sick or depressed or lonely. I include those friends from the Internet who are friends I've never met...

Hear my prayer Lord.


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  1. Jean, the news can be overwhelming, than we hear troubles of people much closer to home and it becomes very personal. I don't think that we're expected to bear the sorrows of the whole world, but to pray for those things in general, but specifically for those that come home personally to us.

    For instance the scale of the war around the world is beyond comprehension, but the scale of suffering that it causes becomes personal as we think of the refugees the injured, the bereaved so, we have specifics to pray for, while also praying for wisdom in those who are pursuing the course of war that they will become peacemakers not war mongers.

    So, the cycle of prayer rises and we know that God is listening, but we also know that the solution to so many of the worlds problems remain in our hands - we just seek to resolve them in our own way, within our means or resources.

    It's good that you're praying for us as friends, as we remember you in our prayers daily. That circle of prayer is important for Grace and continuing membership of the community of God on the internet.