Friday, 31 October 2014

Unseasonal warmth.

Central heating, Magna sweeping, balancing , buzz words that have been with me off and on for weeks!

Trying to get the heating on at all during the first cold spell proved difficult. This problem was solved by an electrician rather than a plumber....

Since my heating came on it's been unseasonably mild...temperatures outside have rarely needed a coat....a cardigan is enough most days.

The heating in the house gradually achieved tropical heat. It turns on at 6am. By the time I get up at 8 the house is hot these gloriously warm mornings...I am not complaining!

I started to tinker a little...I can bleed a radiator these problem but no amount of bleeding sorted out the two heaters reluctant to be brought back to life....until last night when I turned the radiator in the sitting room down....

This morning one of the reluctant radiators is back on....eureka!

It's just a question of balance.....

In central heating as in life...getting the balance right is the key to peaceful existence....And I no longer dread the advent of the seriously cold weather which can't be far away!

In the garden mute testimony to the warmth lies in the apple blossom on two of the trees!

Nature can be fooled...and by playing with the thermostats on the radiators so can the heating in the house... I'm just grateful for the knowledge that I am not going to be cold this winter., alleluia!

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