Saturday, 15 November 2014


Yesterday lots of people turned up trumps. I was taken out to lunch and then out to dinner.

Not all that many people knew that it was our wedding anniversary but those who did were very kind indeed.

It didn't prevent the tears but it did cut down the time I had for shedding them.

I got home very late.

I have now worked out a plan to get me through eating out!

I have two starters , no main and no desert! This way I can join in without embarrassing everyone!

Both of the hotels I went to had battened down the hatches to prepare for the coming winter. One of them had been severely hit last year and has gone to great lengths to strengthen everything.

Along the sea fronts work is being done yet again . Sand bags are already in place and looked very inadequate defence at both the small banks.

In my garden I found an entire camelia bush snapped off and swept up to the top of the garden . The gusts of wind were incredibly strong!

I am hoping for a quiet day today...that's enough excitement !

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  1. [*] Prayers for you as you reflect on your anniversary with David and all that means.

    Good to hear that people are being so kind, not good news about the severe weather though :(

    I saw the film of the Devon Coast at Dawlish with the trains going through incredibly high waves. I sincerely hope that the repairs that have been made hold up. Can't have the west country cut off again.