Thursday, 13 November 2014

Anniversary !

Nine years ago today we got married. It was a beautiful sunny day and we drank pink champagne on the terrace of a local hotel afterwards. It was a Monday morning.

The priest who married us arrived at my house on Sunday night after I'd done Evensong. We also drank champagne . I was quite sober when we married. Honestly.

The only people there were the church wardens, their spouses and an elderly priest who gave me away...gladly.

I was then the curate...and the joke was that the only way to keep a curate In the parish was to marry her.

Today is going to be hard but one of my husbands sons is coming to take me out to lunch. I'm not sure if he knows it's our wedding anniversary but if not then David is working well through him.

We both knew logically that at our age death couldn't be too far away but the years we had together were wonderful. The memories of those happy years have given me the foundation to sustain me through the rest of my life.

Much later I told David what I'd done on my hen night...I'd drank champagne with Julia! I asked him what he'd done.

"The ironing" he said but it was with a grin. I miss him and his wit....thank you David and God for bringing us together. He was my church warden!

Rest in peace my dear love!


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