Saturday, 22 November 2014

Boring dressing.

Winter is just about the perennial problem of what to wear has arrived.

Last year was not typical as the trips to the hospital, doctors etc became routine and so did the dressing every morning.

For me it became easier to wear a polo neck with some woolly pants. I could get them on in a couple of ticks and stay warm!

That gave me time to get David dressed, up and moving. This could take up to an my own dressing was a very swift process...

Now a year on I am finding myself automatically going for the same things...polos and fairly baggy woolly trousers...

This uniform is not flattering and it takes me back to a year ago all too easily!

I used to always wear a dog collar with a jumper over the top in winter. Now it's only about once a week so I am trying not to fall into a uniform look by putting on the same things every day...

But the bottom line for all of this is that the figure I see in my mirror every morning is the one that hurried to the nursing home daily ...

And I don't want to be in that mode any it's time to start experimenting...bright colours would be a start!

It's always good to experiment a bit....and tucked away up here not many would notice...

So on with my grey woolly pants and my pale blue polo....all I need now are the pearls.... Oh dear I seem to be falling into a stereo type!



  1. Trying not to fall into the 'comfort' clothes trap, but , on reflection, why?
    Comfortable need not be boring.
    I have never subscribed to the dark clothes for winter rule and have always found something warm in my own choice of colour.
    Style is another matter entirely, and frankly I don't think I'd recognize it if it jumped up and bit me.
    Heavier than I'd like and daily less and less shapely I nevertheless take time with my face and hair and hope no-one bothers to check on the rest.
    Good luck. X

  2. We really do have a lot in common Ray. Having worn bright colours for most of my life I've now discovered the joy of grey!!!