Monday, 3 November 2014

Classroom violence.

My days are filling up....everyday new problems pop up and need to be solved...

I am glad to be working. I have always had jobs that I enjoyed.

My time as a teacher was fulfilling and varied according to where I lived....moving house fairly frequently meant that ten years was the longest I spent in any one school.

The stabbing of a teacher by a pupil is very shocking and I grieve for the teacher's husband and for the parents of the boy.

The fact that he has since shown no remorse is very worrying . I imagine that in due course the enormity of what he has done might kick in.

I have been in classrooms with seriously disturbed young people. The worst thing is when pupils set out to disrupt classes and spoil it for the others.

Once on a morning when I was called in to a school in Essex as a supply teacher I walked down a long corridor to hear the sound of smashing glass behind me.

Turning round I saw a boy with a hammer walking towards me, smashing the windows on either side as he went. Another teacher caught me up,

"Keep walking" he said..."Don't look back"

I walked quite quickly the end of the corridor was the hall filled with children. It was quite a relief!

I didn't know the boys name or what happened to him but casual violence is encountered by most teachers at various point of their careers..

Thankfully these events are rare... but when a teacher is killed in her classroom shock waves shoot through us all.

My prayers go with the school and the parents this morning...and the young man who is facing the loss of his youth and a family life this morning....may they all know peace....

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