Sunday, 23 November 2014


When we went into Iraq to get rid of Sadam Hussain did we really believe our actions were justified? At the time the buzz words 'weapons of mass destruction' were used as the excuse....we couldn't allow a hostile country the means of wiping us off the face of the planet.

So in we went....and we all applauded when the great statue of Hussein was brought toppling down. In our minds we excused the bombing and the fighting because we were there for all the right reasons.

But some of us hated it from before it started. A day of prayer to try to stop it in a local church brought in people we had never seen before...the prayers went on all day, to no we went , cast ourselves as "goodies" and wrecked an entire nation before the eyes of the world.

Did we really believe that we had the right to devastate another country? And if we did then there would be no consequences?

The terrible bombing of the twin towers in New York was the first reprisal I believe and all that has happened since , the radicalisation of generations of young Muslims followed.

Isis was set up and young men joined up with zealous intent.

Now their women heavily veiled and with guns in their pockets, young men are intent on bringing sharia law to every other country as well as this one.

Violence escalates. And we started it. Led by Blair and Bush we did the unthinkable...we attacked another country and thought we'd got away with it.

So we are all now paying the price and it's not just Christians in the Middle East. I hope those who backed the bombing of Iraq can sleep at night!


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