Saturday, 29 November 2014

Content or happy?

I am not sure now what's happening in my house. The intermittent winking in and out of the broadband has concentrated my mind wonderfully!

Last week I thought I'd got it back. Yesterday it hardly worked at all.

The previous day had been a very windy day when a tile came off the roof very close to the overhead phone I am now wondering if it hit the line on its way down!

What ever the explanation I have to get something done fairly soon to save my over stretched brain even more!

I was taken out yesterday to a lovely nursery where we had coffee and then lunch before returning home...

I was able to buy presents as well as plants and got a faint glimmering of happiness.

Over the last months I have found peace in solitude and come to terms with my various losses but actual happiness has not been present...I miss my loved ones far too much for that.

Now I am approaching the knowledge that it is possible to be at least content with my lot...and maybe, just maybe get my phone fixed too to achieve actual happiness...please God!

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