Saturday, 29 November 2014

Downhill all the way!

It seems I was a little over optimistic in yesterday's post. My phone problem returned with the sort of timing I have come to expect.....I'd cancelled the visit from the engineer!

I apologise to everyone reading this that I am banging on about it yet again!

It seems that I solve one problem only to find something else is on the blink......

Another smaller detail from this week is that it's become winter, almost without my noticing...the frosty hedgerows gave the game away so I had to go looking for some winter skirts having spent most of last winter in pants and polos.

Digging some woolly skirts out I find that they are all hitting the ground as I walk...I really have shrunk!

I had this problem in the Spring of course so I should have expected it but somehow I didn't...

Food is still mostly irrelevant . I do eat but still very small portions. And occasionally I find odd mixtures as I put two or even three half eaten dinners in the oven. If you leave them for an hour it's hard to tell what they are anyway!

So I have lost weight and before I go away some trying on is going to be necessary....

I have no way of knowing if this will carry....the broadband was difficult all day yesterday but I'm getting used to seems to be my natural environment.


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