Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Good news!

So much bad news...terror killings in a synogogue, bird flue, historic sex offences, police cover ups, beheadings, the list just gets longer every day.

Plenty of good news items do get mentioned but it's been mostly months of unrelenting horror!

Until yesterday when the C of E synod voted to allow women to become bishops!

When the first decision was taken to allow women to be priested my husband came home to find me in tears.

When asked why I replied " They have just voted to let women be ordained"

My husband thought this was good news...why was I weeping?

"Because it's too late for me"

I honestly believed that to be true...my call heard in my teens had laid latent for most of my life!

Now I have celebrated my tenth year since my ordination.

I have no personal interest in yesterday's vote. I was never even remotely eligible for any sort of advancement in the church hierarchy obviously.

But it is good news for everyone I think. Once women could be priested it was a nonsense that they couldn't be ranked equally alongside men.

The way this has been brought about following the disappointment a couple of years ago is I believe directly due to our Archbishop Justin Welby.

What ever all the ins and outs of it all , it is great to have this wonderful news in the middle of all the rest of the horror.

Alleluia. Thank you God!

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  1. I'm rejoicing too at that good news - so long coming. I think of all Christians as servants of Christ, priests as servants of the servants of Christ and bishops as the servants of the servants of the servants of Christ. In that light, any suggestion that a woman cannot be allowed to be a servant seems totally ridiculous. Interesting that you were first aware of your call in your teens - so many women have the same testimony (including me) but could not offer for selection for priestly ministry until much later in life.