Friday, 7 November 2014

Having a routine?

Life is going back to normal in many different ways. This week I've had visitors, been out, prepared for a busy weekend and generally got on with all the stuff in the house needing to be done....I am getting into a routine .

Routine is a state avoided by me during my hippie years..As a young single mum I scorned it.

The women I knew whose lives were ruled by what day of the week it was left me cold.

"It's Monday so it's left overs for lunch and the day to do the washing ."

Some families knew what their dinners were going to be every day. Fish on Friday, shepherds pie on Wednesday etc. Tuesday was for ironing. Friday was the big clean up day ready for the weekend!

I've never kept to any of that . But now in my old age I am realising that there is a place for routine...

It is a comfort to get up knowing roughly what the day might bring.

Memories of last winter with its total lack of either routine or comfort lurk around every corner...

Tears appear every day as some memory strikes but they don't take over now...I brush them away and get on with whatever I'm doing...

Working helps...and so does having a warm house again..something we never achieved last year!

Morning routine takes me round the radiators but they don't need bleeding every day...that bit of my routine has gone!

It's too soon to say that I'm happy again but I do now know that it's possible...time laughing is more than time weeping.

My prayers are now for those I know who need them , good friends facing illness or loss...I am getting back to caring for other people. It's all good....thank you God.


  1. Lovely to read this. I have to say that our life is routine in many ways, I know what i'm doing from day to day, and with training now thrown in, the writing of Essays is becoming a norm.

    I'm happy to break the routine to do new things, some of which become part of the routine. In many ways, my days flow around Jen, family & friends, but mainly Church related stuff for the rest. Hobbies like family research feature in between.

    Loving the routine, which was denied to me in my working life, to many variables and week to week I wouldn't know what I was to be doing, where I'd be going or who with. Now, settling comfortably into retirement (officially a state pensioner this month) and loving it.

    Thank you God indeed.

    And my prayers for you will continue, because you deserve them :)

    1. Thank prayers for your course too...