Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Internet woes !

I seem to be back with a very familiar problem.......I am having difficulty in connecting to the Internet! The speed with which I have taken it for granted that it should be there is amazing. The frustration when it's not is alarming. When did I become this woman?

Up here, miles from anywhere I don't have access to Superfast....but I am content with what I've got.....when it's working.

Right now it's between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes I'm connected. Sometimes I'm not! My first draft this morning is still sitting on my iPhone because it seems that my net work is not ready to connect me....grrrrr

There is a crackling on the phone line so a call to BT might be in order...but getting their attention is I remember problematic.......

I have no way of knowing whether this will get through and I've got things to do so I can't spend long on it...

There are too many other real things that need prayer....this isn't one of them...yah!

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