Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lost and found.

Yesterday brought a new test.

In the aftermath of David's death many things needed to be sorted out. Most of the big problems have now been dealt with .....so we are now in the process of mopping up the smaller details.

One thing has been commented on several times recently so yesterday was the day I decided to tackle it.

About a year ago our phone system went wrong, I bought a new phone with several extra handsets so that we were connected in every room.

It came with its own answer phone. Last year we were much too distracted to change the sweet sugary voice that took the messages for us if we were out but quite a lot of people commented on it! Apparently sweetness is not my thing!

Making it more personal was my target for the day.... Our old phone had a message from David. I wish I still had it. He had a lovely voice.

The problem with changing the message was that I'd put the booklet containing the information in a very safe place.....too safe. After an hour of searching I gave up! In the process though I found several photographs that I had previously searched for, especially a precious shot of me with my son in the garden. I had looked for it over the last couple of years and yesterday I found it!

I didn't find the booklet though.

Finally I sat down with the phone itself...I had clearly never browsed its capabilities before. I managed to change the message to my voice. Then I felt sad....but that's normal for me just now!


  1. so often it's the little things that take so much time and in bereavement - so much emotion. Congratulations on changing the message without the instructions. I'd still be looking for the instructions or putting it off for another day.

  2. I've managed to change the message on our ansafone, It just seems to have a mind of it's own though, as it changes back somehow the the American sounding voice that they give out with the phone.

    Perhaps I need to drown it in maple syrup to cure it?