Tuesday, 11 November 2014

News that shocks!

More depressing news today include the fines imposed on several of the big banks. I just want to groan and ask if they will never learn?

The appalling news of the women in India dying after a mass sterilisation operation makes me very sad. I have to be glad that at least India has realised that much of the ills of the world stem from over population and are doing something about it . However a compulsory scheme that involves cutting up great groups of women is staggering.

Surely somewhere there is the knowledge that it's much easier to sterilise a man than a woman...

India's attitude towards its women is very depressing...even more so when you remember the wonderful female politicians who led their country in the last century.

In this country snippets of news of various parties gearing up for a general election next year provide much to think about...not least who on earth am I going to vote for!

We live in interesting times! Unfortunately.

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  1. The story of that poor woman dying was given some prominence, But how many stories go untold. India is a vast country with many stories to tell, but the unfortunate ones make the headlines.

    India, despite being quite rich, still receives aid from the UK and others, designed to help people out of poverty and for sustainable development, but continues to do space exploration and uses aid money to buy arms? I'm not sure of the morality of that - why don't the UK government see the light, although I suspect that the ones who would suffer from a reduction in such aid, would be the poor that it's designed to help :(