Thursday, 27 November 2014

Nothing is easy!

Yesterday was a very strange day!

Eventually after realising that the situation with the phone was getting worse I rang BT. After jumping through several of their hoops I ended up talking to a young lady.

Explaining the problem was the main item on the agenda and she speedily agreed there was a fault on the line. This became increasingly obvious when the crackles made a normal conversation impossible. I had to keep asking her to repeat herself.

It wasn't that she was dozy....she was not English but it really was the age difference that was the problem. That plus the weird layout of my house.

When I'd dashed up and down the stairs trying to explain that nothing in this house was normal and that the main phone connection was actually in my bedroom up two flights of stairs I finally gave up when standing by my bed she told me to get my screwdriver out!

What screw driver is kept by the side of the bed?

No don't tell this time I was breathing hard and when I looked at the head of the screw I realised that an ordinary screw driver wouldn't do anyway...I'd have to look for the tiny one...somewhere!

Standing with my mobile in one hand and the landline in the other I threw up my hands, declared myself too old, too incompetent and too dumb to be able to sort it myself.

Eventually I got her to agree to make an appointment for an engineer to call. It would be next week. I could manage without broadband till then...just.

After she'd gone I realised that my landline was no longer working....

I could have screamed then . No one would have heard me but I didnt!

Eventually I found the tiny screw driver, taking my time along the way....tried to remember what to do with it and just got on with it....job done ...eventually...

I now have both phone and broadband back!

All I have to do now is remember to cancel the engineer....but I have several days to do that in!
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