Sunday, 30 November 2014

Once more into the breach!

Problems that are intermittent are very hard to fix....sometimes everything is working well and then it all goes pear shaped!

This is the problem I am trying to get BT to address. Explaining the idiosyncrasies of a Cornish Farmhouse to someone living in another continent is proving hard!

Explaining to a local that the main junction box for the phone line is in my bedroom is nearly as difficult!

So today I am expecting an engineer...once more into the breach dear friends...

I hope sometime soon to have another topic of conversation .....but if this blog is to stay true to my daily condition this is it....warts and all.....


  1. Sorry about your warts Missis. We have some too. St. Mary's that is.
    Yesterday the Advent service was a piano one - the organ is linked into the computer and phone systems. All of them were stone dead.
    Today we had no phones, no computers and a fair bit of bad language.
    There is among other things, a disabled school/home carol concert in the church on Wedenesday.
    There is also a funeral which looks as though it will have no organ.
    What I really like about these gremlins is that they come out of the woodwork with such unerring timing.
    Hey Ho. Or something :)

    1. Thank you Ray...,made me laugh which is quite hard to do tight now having spent an afternoon waiting for an engineer who failed to turn up! Sorry about your organ problems though!