Thursday, 13 November 2014

Positive versus negative.

I drove into Truro was wonderfully quiet and I got there In time to put my car on my favourite car park!

Back home having accomplished all the small tasks I had set myself I listened to the news. Re exploring radio 4 is proving a most rewarding way of spending time. David liked Classic FM so all the radios were tuned to that. Before marrying him I had listened to radio 4 more or less all day on and off but this is a selfish when there's only one.

Yesterday I found the BBC radio player on my iPad and was able to listen to a program that was first played on Sunday afternoon. "The Once and Future King."

I had been rereading this recently and was interested in how they were going to do it...

Wonderful! Truly wonderful. I listened for an hour in the afternoon and enjoyed it enormously . Then I started thinking...

What an amazing world we now live in where I can find a recording aired at the weekend and listen several days later. At the same time In other places people were fighting and dying, hungry and cold...

We have so much now...from a childhood where I still had slates to write on in school to all that modern technology gives us today. In this overcrowded world the people living under harsh regimes, those who have little in the way of comfort still seem to have access to the Internet.

The two disperate strands come together when we are shown a terrorist beheading someone who has gone to help those in need.

We have to try to use all our gifts well. Everything can be used for good or ill....the Internet has many traps for the we have the great responsibility to try not to spread hatred, not to encourage the negative influences that appear every day .

I thank God for all the good things....Let us use these wonderful gifts for good!


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