Sunday, 2 November 2014

Potent music.

I have watched a lot of television since David died. Often I watch programs he hated....but also I watch his favourites too. Strictly Come dancing comes under that category.

Tonight was the Halloween special. I don't like the way trick and treating and all that goes with it has increased steadily year by year but I can cope with it on the TV occasionally.

Last night there was a wonderful rendition of Bat out of Hell...and it took me back to a previous occasion when it was used...

I started to sing along to it...David looked astonished. "How on earth do you know that one? " he asked.

I told him I've always liked Meatloaf.

We were talking different languages was one of the few occasions when the ten years between us showed!

What sort of a priest liked that kind of music?

I reminded him that my kids were still teenagers when his were grown up. But I enjoyed their music with the possible exception of the Boomtown rats...and even then......

Now some music takes me straight back to my son's years as a punk and my daughter's as a serious flautist.

Music filled the house..and I loved most of it dearly. So I can still sing along to the words to Meatloaf , Clannad and sons music is still my music as is my daughters, Gluck, Mozart and Telemann.

Tonight on my own I sang the words to Bat out of Hell very happily...then apologised to David...I can't help being a slob at times!


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  1. Nothing wrong with Meatloaf's musical performance. I didn't get to like him until well into my fifties , so, no doubt you might have been much the same.

    I just lost my way between 1979 and 1989 :)