Saturday, 22 November 2014


Well! It's not often I'm speechless but it's close!

I open all letters from the Inland revenue with some's never good news and it's often an apology explaining that they've failed to take the right amount of money away from me and telling me how they are going to recoup it!

This time is different. They know how much pension I'm getting and have worked out my tax based on that. All the figures look correct!

On the other side is a break down of how my tax was spent! Welfare is top of the bill! There is even a pastel shaded pie chart to show just how much they all get!

I am impressed....even though I seem to be paying off the National Debt!

I already knew I was a lucky woman...this just helps prove the point.

I do not begrudge the tax I is the Christian and humanitarian way of dealing with those less able to look after themselves...

This latest tax communication goes a long way to making me properly understand what's happening to my money....

Just for once....well done !


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