Thursday, 20 November 2014

The bee story.

At the beginning of the week I found a bee on the mat outside the front door. It was quite a big bee so I very carefully took the mat up and placed it on the grass near bye.

Later that day it had gone. Job done!

The next day I found it again. This time it was blowing a gale and raining and it was sheltering under a lip on some step

I realised there was a problem but hoped that it would get itself stronger and fly away when the weather improved.

Somehow me and this bee got involved! I care about it and wondered wether to ring a local bee keeper but not wanting to be a nuisance I didn't.

Every morning I find it in a new place so it is mobile but I doubt if flight is possible now!

I wondered whether to take it out some local honey but fear that it might just prolong the agony....the bee this morning has lost its bright stripes....its is a black lump. I only know of its beeness because of its original appearance.

Bees are important in this age of insecticides and mass farming methods...without bees we die too, eventually. So this bee has become a symbol for me both of death and of resilience.

I have thought of "putting" it out of its misery....standing on it would be easy but just as I find it hard to kill snails I am finding it even harder to kill this poor little spec of life....

Ahem. I've prayed for a lot of things in my life time but never a bee.....until now...asking for the best possible outcome...please Lord!


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