Monday, 17 November 2014

The return of racism .

The latest round of violent videos is refuelling all our fears I'm afraid .

For me the biggest anxiety is that we are all becoming rascist in a way we were not before. Yesterday in one of the papers an Asian man complained that he was the victim of racism when he was called some bad names!

In this country it is easy to identify Asians and they are all tarred with the same brush even when they are Hindi which is not the same thing at all.

On a personal level I now find conversations with Muslim friends and acquaintances very difficult. I want to ask how they feel about Sharia law and can't. I am now uneasy in the company of people I've known for years....

And that is I think a tragedy! When previously one of us made a racist remark most people I know would have disapproved. Now I think we are all slightly anxious about bringing the subject out into the light...

Down here there are few resident Muslims but in other places where there are many it must be difficult for rational, easygoing people to live side by side with people committed to converting us to their religion by any means necessary.

In the Middle East Christians are still being persecuted, losing their homes and churches, driven out of safe villages and joining streams of refugees.

The news coming daily is capable of making us all rascist I'm afraid...and that is something that I am afraid of . So I pray for all matter what their beliefs or colour...that we can live together in love and peace...


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