Saturday, 8 November 2014

Very busy day.

I am tired this morning. This only service is a said communion before the main service of remembrance in the village hall.

Saturday was an incredibly busy day...

We started with a christening. The local family streamed through the doors in great numbers. The church was packed with people and a great many children. Seeing so many of them in church was just wonderful...they were all very well behaved and the young lady being baptised behaved perfectly...she even allowed me to take her around the aisles of the church to be introduced to her new family!

In the afternoon I had a memorial service. This time we filled every seat and fifty or so stood for an hour at the back of the was packed with people paying their tributes .music was played, poems read, memories shared...

My only slight wobble was when a young girl played a flute. It was beautiful and reminded me vividly of my daughter who was a flautist.

Going home as it was going dusk I realised that my life was almost back to normal...And that upset me because going back to normal on my own seems wrong.

But I now know that I can do this....even as an old woman...God is still good.





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