Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter woes.

It's getting colder. Winter is certainly on its way now. Winter in Cornwall has never held the shock and awe that it had in Essex and North Wales.

A few years ago when we had snow we were all shocked. Even frosts are unusual when you live so close to the sea.

But last year showed us what a Cornish winter could bring...the massive seas, the huge winds, flooding, broken sea walls, they are all now in our minds yet again after a very high tide dropped sea weed and rubble In the main road this week end.

One of the extraordinary events last year was the day I went into the village to get some money from our only cash machine to find it full of sea water with the bank door smashed in!

My request for a flag to be run at half mast after my husband died failed. The tide had broken both flagpoles and carried them out to sea!

The amazing thing is how fast the damage was the summer the sea wall had been mended and strengthened. New paths have replaced the ones that slipped into the sea. Cliffs have been strengthened, hotels close to the sea have been refurbished.

We are ready! But I still pray for a quieter few months this year!



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