Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas tears.

Tears are more evident right now than they have been for months....I should have expected it....did expect it I suppose but the actuality is different.

Christmas cards are arriving.

I sent some of mine out early but others are not even written let alone sent....some may never get off the starting block..

The notes that come with the cards are lovely, heart warming and kind. But the ones that cause me real grief are the ones that are coming for David....

Last year he sent no cards. By this time they were irrelevant to the drama being played out daily .

Obviously those nearest to him do know of his death but it's the others, old work colleagues, old friends, old sporting companions ....

I open them all and if there is an address I write back to give them the sad news....but most don't fall into that category.

I know how long it took for the cards to stop coming for the first David after his death so I shouldn't be surprised...but some of them are catching me on the hop....

So the tears are flowing again daily, whilst the big hankies are much in evidence...But the tears are not bitter they are simply regrets mixed with gratitude for all the joy we shared...thank you God.

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