Monday, 8 December 2014

Confused garden.

And now for something completely different....I am moving back to gentler subjects after the drama of the last few firemen, or telegraph dramas...I am trying to get back to whatever normal is these days!

So back to the garden.

The Autumnal tidying is in full flow. The leaves on the ground swept up , the new path is tidy again after I spent half an hour sweeping yesterday in the course of which I found a delightful new resident .

A small mouse scampered across my path. He was clearly not frightened by my presence but continued looking for food as I swept...some large shiny conkers nearly as big as him were being inspected!

It was clearly playing out very happily and allowed me to take its photograph without any attempt at hiding.

The fact that it's not a good pic is not the dear little things fault!

Meeting the mouse has reminded me that for the last week my garden has been a mole free zone.....shhh

No new hills for a week is something to celebrate....I just wish I knew where they had gone.

The garden is divided . Part of it says it's definitely Autumn but there are bits of it that are Spring like!

Azaleas , camellias, and a huge mahonia are blooming now...whilst there are still roses out!

As we are being promised some dreadful weather soon I am making the most of what we've got! Nasturtiums growing through the hedges in the wild flower bit are looking quite festive in bright red!

I am now hoping that in the process of becoming less confused we are not swept away by the heavy gales forecast for the end of the week!




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