Monday, 29 December 2014

Coughing better!

Ok. The idyll is officially over! I did not go ashore in St Lucia this morning. I just felt too ill. For days I have tried to convince myself that I just had a bit of a cold but the cough today was appalling! One small cough led to some deeply prolonged chest moving moments!
I decided not to go ashore...I would have felt like a latter day sea captain giving everyone on the island measles and wiping out the entire population. So I stayed home!
Along with many other sufferers I might add. I am not alone in this predicament! We cough gently to each other as we pass!
Despite all of this I have been chatted up twice today. It's obviously a good ploy if that's what your looking for but I am not!
Once was by a bloke from London and once by an American. Both disappeared fast at the first cough! So there is some good news!
At breakfast my next door neighbour asked if I knew a place called St Just in Roseland! I was so surprised that anyone out here would have heard of it that I admitted it......
There is no problem in finding people to talk to.....there is always some one who wants a conversation and don't even get put off by the sight and sound of terminal coughing.
I hope to be well enough to get to Barbados tomorrow.

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