Saturday, 13 December 2014

Easy communication!

I listened to everything that was wrong with Messenger...and I stayed out of it for months..but it got me in the dots telling me I had messages that I couldn't read induced me to join in...eventually....

And actually it does make life easier! I just needed to get in touch with various people and there in a long list were names I only speak to occasionally.

Some names were from literally years ago, people I'd lost touch with for one reason or another...

Old messages were in the queue...and waking far too early as usual this morning I've read through the list!

Wow...old scrabble players...people I've met on holiday, fleeting moments of friendship kept safe by the magic of the digital technology...the list goes back years!

On the whole I'm glad to have found the list so maybe the new app isn't so bad...I haven't much in my life that needs protecting from Big Brother so I'll take the rough with the smooth..and anything that makes communication easy is welcome in my life right now!

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