Sunday, 28 December 2014

En route to St Lucia.

Dominique was a lovely stop. It is a rain forest island and very lush and beautiful.
I took an easy tour up to the hills and was very glad I wasn't driving! The hairpin bends in the road were very scary!
My cold goes on and I am sleeping a lot! However this evening I attended the Catholic mass. The good father told me I was welcome knowing me to be an Anglian priest and was very warm and sincere.....
I really appreciate his kind words. Up to now I've been doing my own thing in my cabin but an act of worship grows in company!
The service was so similar to ours that it was a great joy!
I have always enjoyed good relationships with Catholic priests and it was good to find one so open and welcoming.
Another day, another island. Tomorrow we land in St Lucia!

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