Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fire engine on the drive!

This is a follow up to the previous post bewailing my efforts at shutting off a continuous bleep from a device high on a wall under an arch!

So far it had only started bleeping at night, so when this morning the squeak started up again I despaired for a little while! How could I stop the noise?

Fortunately someone had left a most useful comment on the last blog. She or he suggested that the fire brigade might come out to help an elderly woman. It was definitely worth a try.

Finding the number to call was a small hurdle compared to living with the squeak so I rang the fire brigade headquarters in Truro and explained that it wasn't a fire...just a noise.

She said, " Dont worry we'll sort it out for you" and they did. Three men arrived fully kitted out complete with a fire engine! I felt terrible for wasting their time but they cheerfully removed the battery from its high perch . At the same time whilst the fire engine sat in my drive the Tesco delivery van arrived and carried everything round the bright red engine with a grin from ear to ear. I took the stuff in through the front door whilst the fire men couldn't drive away. They were blocked in by Tesco!

It calmed down after that....a lone fireman arrived with a new battery, replaced the faulty one and smiled broadly all the time...

It's been a most exciting morning....and I now have a quiet house again....aren't our firemen wonderful!


  1. We have a fire station at the top of our road. We normally see them speeding past on blues and twos in answer to some emergency or other. The alternative is when they're off duty, they come and clean windows :)

    1. The fire station is just down the road from here. They are all volunteers but truly wonderful. They turned out twice last year when David was so ill...gave him oxygen etc. we are very lucky to have them!