Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Let down!

Tonight, Wednesday finds me just about as low as I've been since the Spring. It's frustration . I have completely failed to get anyone to deal with my intermittent loss of broadband and crackling phone line. Despite BTs assurances they have failed to send anyone to deal with the problem I assume it's the word "intermittent " that's causing the problem. If it's working some of the time it doesn't need fixing!

They have now sent me various text messages saying they will be here from 8am to 1pm. Or from 1pm to 6pm. So I have waited, and waited. Not only did they not arrive there has been no explanation. Promised phone calls or text messages didn't happen either!

It's very weird! Do they not care about keeping their customers happy? Or content...I would settle for content right now! So far I have not contemplated changing my server....but I am it easy? Can other phone companies fix phone lines? I should be glad of some information here....if you've got to the end of this miserable diatribe....

Sorry for banging on yet again...

Thursday morning. Reading the above I find no reason to amend any of it....I am still in the same boat. The line itself is crackling so much that having any sort of a conversation is difficult with people who are asked to repeat the,selves far too frequently...

Broadband is either not working at all or it's very slow.

Some sort of problem exists. Is it asking too much of the company who collect quite a lot of money from me every month to send someone to fix it?


  1. I actually detest BT and all that they stand for. So many stories similar to yours heard almost daily. Even here in an urban area, about 600 metres from the telephone exchange people experience severe problems with their phone lines and broadband.

    Our landline is through a cable media company and our broadband is via a mobile modem, which also gives us wifi. Excellent service and very reliable. I'm not sure that Cornwall has the same sort of mobile coverage that we have? But if so, it might be a longer term solution for you.

    1. You have put your finger on the problem as always! Mobile reception is better here than in most places but it's still very on and's not reliable I'm afraid...also I am unable to get superfast too!