Thursday, 18 December 2014

Life on board.

Brave intrepid travellers spent quite a lot of time yesterday waking the a gale and often through rain...I did it once!

So I went off exploring.. I've been on this boat several times before but nothing seems to be where I left it!

It's blowing very hard this morning and also raining so I'm not going out! The decks get slippery!

Last night the other people on our table invited me to the theatre after dinner. It was a comedian I had never been impressed by but I the spirit of camaraderie .

I haven't laughed as much for a long time, he was very funny!

Several invitations to cocktail parties and lunches now sit on my dressing table...I have yet to have a swim, life is certainly not dull on board but so far the lecturers have failed to grab me.. However as I bumble along people are talking to me so it's never dull!

The food is wonderful and I am eating far more than I do at home.

After the last long cruise that David and I did together we agreed that we'd become I'm just picking up where we left off..

I am settling in...thank you God.




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