Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Much to be grateful for!

I'm not sure where it went but my post for today has disappeared into the ether! I hope the ether enjoys it!
This ship has changed completely in 24 hours.
We are now six ladies on our table...all widows. This is not as grim as it sounds. They are a lively lot and I shall get to know them better soon.
Our wine waiter is from Mevagissy. Weird but true and he offered me a lift home when we get back....
The whole ship is now full of Americans and we have many more children and teenagers.
Christmas is everywhere of course but somehow has been watered down for me and the awful memories of last year are fading fast!
The really good news is that we are sailing South. Already, stepping out onto my balcony is much less chilly! By tomorrow we shall be sitting out side on the newly varnished deck chairs!
Thank you God!

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