Thursday, 4 December 2014

Muddy shoes.

I do not have a shoe fetish though there are days when that might not seem true...this is one of those days.

I have been sorting out my winter shoes. Up to now I have worn boat shoes on bare feet but this week has decided me that I need to wrap up a bit.

Sorting through my shoes proved interesting. Sandals, boat shoes, black churchy shoes, extravagant numbers for cruising, boots, wellies, they are all there and urgently needed a sort out!

The number of shoes that were muddy, covered with grass or just plain dirty was astonishing .

Mainly they were all black. A moments thought gave me a clue. The rules of canon law stipulate black shoes must be worn with a black cassock. Obviously!

So all the shoes that were dirty had clearly been worn for funerals when we really don't have a choice in a burial...we just have to walk through whatever lies between us and the grave..

Our memorial garden where we bury ashes is up a steep hillside. During winter months this can be treacherous and thank goodness for the arm of the verger on these occasions. Shoes do bear the brunt though!

What is amazing is that I've obviously got home, thrown the mucky shoes into a wardrobe and forgotten about them until now.

I've dug a warmer bit of footgear out of the back of the wardrobe and resolved to clean all my black shoes sometime soon!

In the meanwhile though I have realised I may never actually need to buy any more shoes for quite a while.

Especially not for funerals!


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