Friday, 5 December 2014

Noises off

Living here out in the country I have become used to odd sounds...sirens from Falmouth often carry over the water , bird calls, the settling sounds that you get in old houses are all part of my regular daily life.

Without a dog or a cat the radio or the TV fills the emptiness with often strange sounds but all are welcome.

I have got into bad habits of late though, much worse than listening to early morning news programmes..

I have fallen into truly bad ways by starting to watch "I'm a celebrity" It was only a question of dipping in occasionally the first week, mostly to see how they were faring in a jungle setting but now I admit I am hooked for just this year only I tell myself....

So last night when I heard a sort of cheeping, bleeping noise during the evening I thought it was a jungle creature I was hearing...

On switching off the TV I realised it wasn' was in the house! Obviously my first concern was was it alive? Was some poor creature trying to get out...or in?

I moved very carefully onto the was louder there .I examined the chair lift closely, brought it up and down, listening to the sound which got louder as I went downstairs....

Then I counted the time between bleeps. They were spaced every 25 seconds...I was reassured that it was nothing had to be electronic...And it was downstairs.

Mystified I wandered around. Once the TV was switched off it seemed to be louder...

Eventually under an arch I found something I'd never noticed before. It was a round thing and it was getting louder. Too high for me to reach I went for one of David's walking sticks...I needed to be armed .

I have no idea what it was...possibly a fire alarm or something but I walloped it is now a dead alarm of some kind. I checked. There was no smoke but I did manage to sleep...eventually.

Writing that earlier I felt some achievement at having silenced the thing. I shouldn't have. It started up again! One night later at roughly the same time it started to bleep!

Armed with the walking stick I went to look. This time the front part fell off leaving me to see a red light flashing.

I then found its twin tucked away under an arch upstairs. This appeared to have been made no sound!

So the mystery now is why after eight years it's twin has started up again! Until last night it had uttered no sound!

No sooner do I start to feel smug at getting one problem solved than another one appears....I would welcome any suggestions at what this bleeper might be!


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