Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Seating arrangements!

The first day at sea has been different. Not the sort of days we used to have but I suppose that's to be expected.

I am on a dining table with single travellers to begin with and I'd much rather be with couples. The single men are quite clearly after companionship and I'd rather not think what sort!

They waste no time in telling anyone who is in ear shot that they own chateaus, wineries, orchards and everything both exotic and expensive...

One younger woman has already moved tables away from the blokes...she came looking for me to tell me it wasn't me!

Maybe I should have thought this through better.....

As yet I'm not tempted to quit the dining room because at my age I am quite safe from these would be lotharios.

I've walked the deck several times and bumbled my way round the corridors...

I've had my first Long Island iced tea! I've found lots of pleasant people to talk to....tomorrow I'll go to some lectures. David didn't like having the TV on in the state room so I'm exploring that!

It's not the same at all without him , but it's a very big for everyone in all our glorious diversities...

We are crossing the Atlantic now.The waves are getting up! Ho hum!

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  1. I've only experienced river cruising where passengers were free to sit where we liked at each meal at tables of 4 - 6 - much more sociable and met a variety of different people that way - not stuck with the same people for every meal. Could you ask for a change I wonder?