Thursday, 25 December 2014

Stiff upper lip needed!

I've never had such a strange Christmas. For a start we are in hot sun!People are enjoying the pools and wearing very little.
I am coughing. I try to deny this but it's true...I'm coughing! My asthma spray helps so I think it may not be an infection but something in the air to irritate me.
Last night at dinner we were down to just three of us and I'm thinking of joining the exodus myself except that I don't want to let the remaining two down!
I have met some wonderful old people on this boat. All away to avoid being at home at Christmas...
Two very old ladies are here having escaped their care home!
They plotted during the year and made their escape with evident joy! I'm not sure if the home knows where they are but they are having a very good time!
Another lady is thinking of selling her home and moving into one of the Cunard boats permanently! She's costed it all out and says it could be done. Her niece is travelling with her and hopes she'll do it!
It's all taking my mind off the reason for my present journey. But the bottom line is that right now I am far from being a feisty old woman I am just about hanging on!
Right, having depressed everyone reading this blog I'll go for a walk in the sunshine and look at the bright blue's not all bad news!
Christmas Day.
Having coughed all night I am now feeling like spending Christmas in bed!
I have yet to open my presents...because in my heart it's definitely not Christmas! Praying it picks up a bit later!
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