Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Travelling again....

Yesterday was a day when I forgot things, lost things, found unexpected things....it was a day of confusion and of sorrow....to be here on my own without David .

However I coped. Just.

My papers were all in order. My stateroom has twin singles instead of the king sized bed we liked...the view from the balcony is of the coast line of Dorset..we set off late...some technical hitch prevented our disembarkation! This frightened some people and I have started to realise how much the world has changed since our last trip almost two years ago!

I was at a table for singles for dinner! This proved interesting but weird..no doubt it will get less weird as we proceed....

Today is Hanukkah for all our Jewish companions....I love this feeling of of being all together in a strange melting pot of religions, nationalities , colours and sizes...

Finding my feet today will be very different...onwards and upwards.


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  1. Hope this travel will be all it needs to be for you at this time.