Sunday, 14 December 2014

Up early!

It's half past five in the morning and it's the day I depart .

To opt to be away for Christmas is unheard of for most priests who face their busiest schedule around this time . I had one Christmas when I had a Christingle on Christmas Eve followed by a crib service in a neighbouring church.

I then did midnight mass followed by an eight o'clock communion only a few hours hours later. The day was completed by another two services at nine thirty and eleven o'clock.

David and I then went out to lunch in a local hotel but by that time I was almost comatose.

Last year I had no services because David needed full time care so my colleagues are used to holding the fort!

This year I need to be away from home for fairly obvious reasons so from today blogging will be whenever I'm able and wherever I can use the Internet!

I will be travelling...not always in hope .....but accompanied by my ghosts!

As I go someone else arrives.....there's a metaphor there somewhere....

See you on the other side....God willing!



  1. Will be thinking of you as I am sure you will be thinking of me xx

    1. You know you have my prayers and love Babs. Xx

  2. Thinking of you on your Christmas journey. Prayers too.

  3. Enjoy your time away as much as you can- but grieve when you need to as well. Love and hugs for this difficult time ( from someone else with 5 services between 4pm on Christmas Eve and 11am on Christmas Day)

  4. Thanks to you all. I have arrived safely on Queen Mary 2. A ship I have been on before. Alleluia !

  5. Well done. Hope you have a great time, and will be following the blog with interest.