Sunday, 14 December 2014

Up early!

It's half past five in the morning and it's the day I depart .

To opt to be away for Christmas is unheard of for most priests who face their busiest schedule around this time . I had one Christmas when I had a Christingle on Christmas Eve followed by a crib service in a neighbouring church.

I then did midnight mass followed by an eight o'clock communion only a few hours hours later. The day was completed by another two services at nine thirty and eleven o'clock.

David and I then went out to lunch in a local hotel but by that time I was almost comatose.

Last year I had no services because David needed full time care so my colleagues are used to holding the fort!

This year I need to be away from home for fairly obvious reasons so from today blogging will be whenever I'm able and wherever I can use the Internet!

I will be travelling...not always in hope .....but accompanied by my ghosts!

As I go someone else arrives.....there's a metaphor there somewhere....

See you on the other side....God willing!


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