Saturday, 20 December 2014

Weird things

I must have been In a very weird frame of mind when I packed for this trip....I searched in vain this morning for a jumper or a cardigan that wasn't pink!

No less than four cardigans, two polos, and one crew neck jumper arrived here with me....all pink!

No wonder I needed two bags....

A very weird thing happened over morning coffee.

I sat in a lounge looking out to sea when one of the waiters approached. Did I want coffee? Yes I did and then I recognised him. It was a young man from our last cruise . I smiled at him and said "Hello Joel"

He looked at me and a slow smile appeared. "Where is my friend?" He asked looking around for him.

I shook my head trying very hard not to weep.

He was the young man who used to make a great fuss of David who loved it. As we entered the bar area Joel would get his favourite cocktail ready and shake it over his head singing "Mr Rolt, Mr Rolt"

Last Christmas on our own at home I recreated this moment as best I could shaking the cocktail over my head just as Joel had done.

It was a very touching moment. The young stewards must serve thousands of people every year but David was very memorable. He crouched down on the floor by my side and shook his head. "He was always smiling, I see his face...smiling, laughing .all the time."

It's true. David loved our cruises, and it's good to find someone else who remembers him...

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  1. What a lovely moment. I really believe such odd, out of the blue, happenings are sent to us for a reason.
    Your cruise is obviously doing you good.
    Blessings X

  2. Indeed. A lovely, even if moving moment. Sometimes it's the small memories or touches like this that remind us of loss, but also of joyful times.

    As for the pink choices, it must have been unconscious, as long as you don't earn the description of 'Lady in Pink' rather than Jean. :)

    [*] for you on this cruise, which makes real sense to me as a mechanism towards recovery and moving on.