Sunday, 7 December 2014

Weird week...

It's been a most peculiar few days, from finding out that my phone trouble was located on a condemned telegraph pole, to having a fire engine with three firemen occupying my drive!

Maybe Gods trying to tell me something but exactly what is not yet clear!

It's hard to imagine anything more bizarre but in my case anything seems to be possible.

I was up early to do the eight o'clock communion. It was a great relief to find no frost!

I reminded the regulars in church of the day when the congregation at the early service were unable to get back up the lane after a burst pipe had left the narrow steep bit with a coat of ice!

A local farmer came to the rescue with his tractor! I then parked my car across the lane to prevent anyone else trying it after I'd cancelled the eleven o'clock.

Today so far has been incident free....I pray that it will stay that way!



  1. May your prayers be answered.
    You have surely had enough excitement for the time being, you're due a peaceful day or two.

  2. Had a great day. 8am peaceful worship.
    10 am did stuff.
    1500 Carol Service specifically for bereaved families served by our friendly local undertaker. Brings them into church, great carols with a number of individual recitals of poetry and performance of songs from Evita, etc. Followed by a bunfight in the Church Hall. Good business for the undertaker perhaps, but also great fundraiser for the parish. Next years already scheduled for 6th December. And Vicar now has my second Essay to critique before I submit it- isn't life grand.