Monday, 12 January 2015


After a very quiet day yesterday where I slept on and off between bouts of coughing I am trying to get back to normal today....ahem.
This is proving hard.
People who have heard me cough say I must go to the doctor. The problem with that is that I am not sure my car will start after being laid up for a month.
My cleaner arrives in half an hour after which Tesco will bring me the necessities of life!
This trip does not seem to have done me much good!
I am sure that in hindsight I shall remember all the good bits and be glad I did it but right now I am not too sure!

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  1. My cough was horrendous and did wear me out. I honestly didnt have time to go to the dr's and so it eventually subsided. However I do think its a virus so anti biotics will probly clear it up quiker xx Wrap up warm Jean and have a glass of wine xx

    1. Good thinking BAbs. My main problem is that it's blowing a hooley out there and I can't get out to see if the car will start!
      I am putting it off....but I can do the keeping warm and the glass of wine bit!