Friday, 9 January 2015

Almost there.

On our next to last day we are all missing sleep. We have moved our watches back an hour four times since leaving New York. This means that sleep does not come when we go to bed because it's still early evening.
I am trying not to doze today if possible.
I am glad I've done this trip and not only because it got me out of the house at Christmas.
In the next weeks I have first David's birthday to deal with and then the first anniversary of his death!
This will I know be tough but what this trip has given me is confidence. I can walk around the deck even in bad weather when the deck is slippery!
I can chat happily to people I don't know, will never see again without worrying about tears suddenly appearing.
I am almost back to normal. I just have to have faith in the arrangements to get me home!
Of course I still have to pack having brought far too much stuff away with me!
So nothing changes really......

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