Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ancient friendships!

When I moved to Cornwall from Essex fifteen years ago I had no problem in finding friends. I was already singing in the church choir and two of the church ladies had left me the makings of a cream tea on my doorstep when I arrived.
The friends I made then remained good friends over the years after the church got me and I married and moved to the next village.
Despite the fact that for the last few years we have seen very little of each other , these friends remain close and have been very supportive throughout all the twists and turns of my life in late years.
Yesterday I went to see one of them for the first time for far too many years...
Despite the fact that we are both now much more fragile physically the link between us remains intact!
Within minutes we had wept together , laughed together, and agreed a strategy for the future....
She wanted a full report on the local nursing home with one eye on the future.
We both agreed that it's downhill all the way from here...but it didn't stop the laughter....
She's going to come to see me next week after I told her that I had a chair lift installed....she will be able to sit in my upstairs sitting room and see the glorious view!
This was no pastoral visit...old topics were picked up and found still valid...
I expect other old friends will also visit during the year...
I am so glad the chair lift remains.....I have been using it myself when I'm very tired but it makes the visits of ancient friends much more viable.....thank you God!

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  1. Old friendships are wonderful things. My oldest friend was at school with me in the forties so old really means old.
    Somehow the links never weaken do they?
    I think as we age we become our true selves (as we were meant to be) and often it seems that early life and very late life sees us at our best - at least that's the hope.
    I am sure you will really enjoy your friend's visit and keeping the stairlift was a very good idea.