Sunday, 18 January 2015

Back to work!

This is my first Sunday back to work! The cough is manageable. I am told that everyone here has one. And that over the last weeks my colleagues have had to issue health warnings too.
So off we go....the sermon is written and printed...the hymns chosen , the numbers having been sent to both the organist and the church warden!
I am ready but a little anxious, aware of what used to be called "stage fright"
So I'm speaking very sternly to's a church I know well, the nearest to where I live...
My car started easily this I don't have to hitch a lift to get there...
I think I've thought of everything...but it's been a while...
My asthma spray is in my pocket. The antiseptic gel is ready.
Off we go! Prayers ascending!
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