Sunday, 4 January 2015

Day in New York!

The strategy for not letting immigration take over worked wonderfully well! We were given priority and were off the boat by eight am, our passports scarcely acknowledged by the sleepy customs officers.
New York was freezing!
The good news was that I could have gone to Bloomingdales if I'd wanted too.
They were quite happy to drop me off! But by that time I'd had the itinary .
Instead we explored the area David and I had stayed in for a few days!
I was overjoyed when the coach dropped us off at the Moma shop! ( Museum of Modern Art.)
In the past we'd found lovely things to take home there so by the time I got back to the bus I had several sales bags in hand!
From there we went to ground zero!
I said a prayer in the chapel of St Paul's where the firemen were fed and looked after as they tackled the horror daily. The bell of this chapel was cast in Whitechapel!
The memorial of the day when the world changed for ever is very impressive.
I am still left with the same feeling I had two years ago. New York is still a city in bereavement.
Then it snowed.
We were very glad to get back to what starts to feel like home!
Its a changed boat again now. Most of the people I knew have gone.....again.
I shall get used to it.....again.

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