Friday, 9 January 2015


The messing about with our time clocks has made for another bad night! By next week it will all be a distant dream....
I have followed the events in France yesterday with a growing feeling of unease.
By retaliation for the killings we are turning into the sort of people we are fighting. I suppose this is inevitable. We can't just ignore the horrors of the last few days!
But I fear for the world right now.
We are now docked in Southampton. Wonderful how much pleasure making that statement gave me! This country still feels safe...for the moment at least.

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  1. Welcome home. I have followed your adventures with interest but without attempting to comment, since the cyber monster ate my first two comments.
    Perhaps it will allow this one through.
    I hope you will feel the benefits of the break from routine, despite the cold virus.

    1. Thank you Ray. I am now home after a very easy ride back through quiet roads...the cough is still fearsome though!

  2. Welcome back. Have followed your posts with interest, albeit, I've been a bit busy so haven't responded that much.

    Lovely to know that you enjoyed the cruise, a bit sad that you've returned with 'Kennel Cough' hoping that it will clear swiftly, before you need to exert yourself in ministry things.

    [*] for this.