Saturday, 31 January 2015

Driving confident!

Yesterday it snowed here! As it snowed in most places in the British Isles too this is hardly news but it's rarity here does make it worthy of a short blog!
When I lived n North Wales it snowed most days during our first winter there.
In Essex it snowed a couple of times , enough to make driving along busy roads a problem.
Here it is a rarity. Only once did it actually cover the ground in a thin layer that had melted away in an hour .
So yesterday was unusual.
It snowed for about an hour....and then I went out!
Only in two places had it collected against a hour later it had gone completely...
It must be very disappointing for Cornish couldn't even make a decent snowball out of it!
But it is a sign of my age that it worried me!
I have a short drive to this mornings church but it is down long steep hills.
Once there would I get out again?
Of course I was just being daft!
The BBC weather app on my iPad has been forecasting snow warnings for days! I should by this time be used to driving myself to church. But I'm not!
Bereavement takes strange turns I am of them is a complete lack of confidence in my driving skills.
What was once a doddle is now something to worry about! And no matter how often I scold myself the thought remains...once I've parked , preached and chatted over coffee, will I get home safely up the very steep hill which could be icy?
We don't have gritters here...because only once every winter are they needed!
I know I'm daft....and that its all part of the process of regaining confidence again.
And then I remind myself that only a month ago I was on the other side of the world, walking around ground zero in icy weather. Compared to that the Roseland is a doddle!
Off we go!

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