Thursday, 15 January 2015


The rain has been a very noisy accompaniment to some other wise quiet days! Me and my cough are struggling along, living with the ghastly memories of last years visits to the radio therapy centre!
Trying to get everything working well again is taking time...
I have not yet finished the unpacking but I have told myself firmly that if I ever go on a cruise again I will only take a half of what I took this time!
At the moment I mean it!
Now there are so many things to be grateful for.....I have a warm house....oil prices are dropping though I suspect we won't be the beneficiaries of this...
I have enough to eat and drink in the house so I don't need to go out in these hail storms....
I can survive....and that is what it's starting to feel like just now...survival.
There is work to do, a sermon to write just feels very odd to suddenly be in Epiphany 2!
Usually I work through the church year week by week, season by season...but having had no framework so far this year it feels very peculiar.
I'm not sure where I am in my heart....but it's not here!

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  1. You will find your centre again soon Jean. Getting rid of that cough will be a good start.
    Perhaps you should present it to someone qualified just to be on the safe side.