Friday, 2 January 2015

Grey hair!

Many of the people I've got to know reasonably well will leave the boat in New York! This will include most of the Americans. In the last two days I've noticed something really odd . In any discussion of where we come from the moment I mention Cornwall there are gasps of astonishment. Awe even!
"You live near Doc Martin? " Wow. This is a universal response! I swear they think he's a real doctor and that Port Wen really is where he lives!
I have made several friends this week that I shall on board as a single woman is very different.
The young waiter I knew on the last trip with David is leaving in New York as well as lots of new friends. The boat will change once again.
The pianist who plays very beautifully will still be here as will the's a small world visiting other new worlds!
This morning I filled in the form for immigration in New York again, despite having done it all a week and a half ago!
I have given up all idea of getting to Bloomingdales after the New Yorkers told me that taxi drivers are very reluctant to drive out to Brooklyn where getting a fare back is problematic so to avoid all the hanging around waiting for everyone else to clear customs I have booked a tour....Highlights of New York!
I have also gone grey whilst I've been away! My small touches are now everywhere!
So be it!

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